What Do You Call the Middle of an Apple?

Discover the significance of the apple core and how it contributes to the life cycle of this popular fruit. Explore creative ways to make use of the middle part of an apple.

The Core of an Apple

When you think of an apple, the first thing that comes to mind is its juicy flesh and crisp skin. But have you ever wondered what lies at the very center of this delicious fruit?

Understanding the Anatomy of an Apple

The middle part of an apple is known as the core. It is the central part of the fruit that houses the seeds, which are essential for the apple tree’s reproduction.

Importance of the Apple Core

Despite being often discarded, the apple core serves an important purpose. The seeds within the core contain the genetic material needed for the growth of a new apple tree. When dispersed properly, these seeds can lead to the creation of new apple trees, ensuring the survival of the species.

Uses of the Apple Core

While many people simply throw away the apple core after eating the fruit, there are several creative ways to make use of this often overlooked part of the apple. Some use it to make apple cider vinegar, while others incorporate it into recipes like apple core jelly or apple core tea.

Case Study: Apple Core Recycling

In some communities, efforts are being made to recycle apple cores and other food waste. For example, in Seattle, Washington, the city has implemented a food waste composting program that includes apple cores. By diverting organic waste from landfills, these programs help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability.


So the next time you bite into an apple, remember the importance of the core and consider ways to make use of this often overlooked part of the fruit. Whether you choose to recycle it, compost it, or get creative in the kitchen, the apple core plays a vital role in the life cycle of this beloved fruit.

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