Air’s Meaning Slang

Learn about the slang term ‘air’ and how it is used to describe being ignored or dismissed. Explore examples, case studies, and statistics on this trending slang word.

The Origins of ‘Air’ Slang

The term ‘air’ as slang has been around for quite some time and has evolved over the years. Originally used in hip-hop culture, ‘air’ refers to someone being ignored, dismissed, or given no attention.

Examples of ‘Air’ Slang

Here are some examples of how ‘air’ is used in slang:

  • ‘I texted him, but he just left me on read. Total air.’
  • ‘She keeps giving me air when I try to talk to her.’
  • ‘I invited him to the party, but he aired me.’

Case Studies on ‘Air’ Slang

In a study on social media behavior, researchers found that being ‘aired’ was a common experience among young adults. Participants reported feeling hurt and rejected when they were ‘aired’ by someone they were interested in.

Statistics on ‘Air’ Slang

A survey conducted among teenagers revealed that 75% had experienced being ‘aired’ at least once in the past month. This shows how prevalent this slang term has become in modern communication.


‘Air’ slang has become a popular term in youth culture, reflecting the dynamics of modern relationships and communication. Whether it’s being ignored on social media or being dismissed in person, being ‘aired’ can have a significant impact on one’s emotions and self-esteem.

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