What Do Australians Call McDonald’s?

Discover the unique nicknames Australians use for McDonald’s, from ‘Macca’s’ to ‘The Golden Arches.’ Learn how these monikers reflect Aussie culture and humor.

The Golden Arches Down Under

McDonald’s, one of the world’s most iconic fast-food chains, goes by many names depending on where you are in the world. In Australia, the beloved burger joint has acquired its own unique set of monikers that reflect the country’s laid-back culture and cheeky sense of humor.


One of the most widely used terms for McDonald’s in Australia is ‘Macca’s.’ This nickname originated in the 1990s and has since been popularized by both locals and the company itself. In fact, McDonald’s even temporarily changed the signage on some of its Australian stores to ‘Macca’s’ in celebration of Australia Day.


A shortened version of ‘Macca’s,’ ‘Maccas’ is another common term used by Australians to refer to their favorite fast-food spot. This abbreviation reflects the Aussie penchant for brevity and informality.

The Golden Arches

While not as commonly used as ‘Macca’s’ or ‘Maccas,’ some Australians still refer to McDonald’s as ‘The Golden Arches.’ This term pays homage to the chain’s iconic logo and is often used in a more formal or nostalgic context.


Australians, particularly those from multicultural backgrounds, may also use ‘McDo’ as a shorthand for McDonald’s. This term reflects the influence of other languages, such as Filipino, where ‘McDo’ is a common nickname for the fast-food giant.

Case Study: Macca’s vs. McDonald’s

In 2016, McDonald’s Australia conducted a nationwide survey to gauge public opinion on the use of ‘Macca’s’ as an official name for the chain. The results were overwhelmingly positive, with 53% of respondents in favor of making ‘Macca’s’ the official name of McDonald’s in Australia. As a result, some McDonald’s locations now sport ‘Macca’s’ signage alongside the traditional logo.

The Significance of Nicknames

The use of nicknames like ‘Macca’s’ reflects the unique way in which Australians engage with brands and language. By adopting these colloquial terms, McDonald’s has been able to connect with local consumers on a more personal level, ingraining itself into the fabric of Australian culture.


From ‘Macca’s’ to ‘Maccas’ to ‘The Golden Arches,’ Australians have given McDonald’s a range of affectionate and quirky names that speak to the country’s identity and sense of humor. These nicknames not only showcase the unique relationship between Australians and their favorite fast-food joint but also demonstrate the power of language in shaping brand perception.

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