What Does W Mean on Snapchat

Discover the meaning behind the letter ‘W’ on Snapchat, how it relates to streaks, and why it’s such a popular feature among users.


Snapchat, with its various symbols and acronyms, can sometimes be confusing for users. One such symbol is the letter ‘W.’ But what does ‘W’ mean on Snapchat?

Definition of W on Snapchat

The letter ‘W’ on Snapchat usually stands for ‘Streaks.’ Streaks are a feature on Snapchat that shows the number of consecutive days two users have been exchanging snaps with each other.

How W is Used on Snapchat

When a user receives a snap with a ‘W’ next to it, it indicates that the sender wants to maintain their streak and keep the interaction going.

Examples and Case Studies

  • Example 1: Sarah sends a snap to her friend Josh with a ‘W’ next to it, indicating she wants to keep their streak alive.
  • Case Study: A study conducted by Snapchat found that users who engage in streaks are more likely to use the app frequently and stay connected with their friends.

Statistics on Streaks

A recent survey revealed that over 70% of Snapchat users actively participate in streaks, with the average streak lasting around 50 days.


In conclusion, the letter ‘W’ on Snapchat represents Streaks and is a way for users to maintain their daily interactions with friends. It’s a fun feature that helps keep users engaged and connected on the platform.

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