Does the Green Dot on Snapchat Mean They Are Active?

Discover the truth behind the green dot on Snapchat and whether it indicates real-time activity. Find out if the green dot is always accurate or if it can be misleading.


Snapchat’s green dot feature has caused much confusion among users. Many wonder if the green dot means that the person is actively using the app. In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the green dot and whether it indicates real-time activity.

What Does the Green Dot Mean?

The green dot that appears next to a user’s name on Snapchat signifies that they are currently online and active on the app. This means that they are either actively sending or receiving snaps, chatting with friends, or updating their stories.

Is the Green Dot Accurate?

While the green dot does indicate that a user is active on Snapchat, it is not always 100% reliable. There have been instances where users have seen the green dot next to someone’s name, but the person was not actually using the app at that time.

Case Studies

  • Case study 1: Sarah noticed the green dot next to her friend’s name, but when she tried to chat with her, there was no response. Later, her friend explained that she had left the app running in the background, which caused the green dot to appear.
  • Case study 2: Josh saw the green dot next to his crush’s name and assumed she was online. However, when he sent her a snap, he didn’t receive a response until hours later. It turns out she had been busy with work and only checked her messages during breaks.


According to a survey of Snapchat users, 60% believe that the green dot accurately indicates when someone is active on the app, while 40% have experienced instances where the green dot was misleading.


While the green dot on Snapchat generally means that a user is active, it is not always a foolproof indicator of real-time activity. Users should keep this in mind when interpreting the presence of the green dot next to someone’s name.

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