What Does the X Mean in Snapchat?

Uncover the secrets behind the X symbol in Snapchat. From unopened snaps to deleted friends, learn what the X really means. Decode the mystery of Snapchat symbols today!

Understanding the X in Snapchat

When using Snapchat, you may have noticed a mysterious X appearing next to a friend’s name. But what does this X actually mean? Let’s dive into the world of Snapchat and uncover the secrets behind this symbol.

1. Message Not Sent

One common reason for the X is that a message you sent did not go through. This could be due to poor internet connection, a glitch in the app, or the recipient’s settings. If you see the X, it’s likely that your message was not delivered.

2. Friend Deleted

Another reason for the X is that the person you are trying to message has deleted you as a friend. When someone removes you from their friend list, you will see an X next to their name. It’s a subtle way for Snapchat to let you know that this person is no longer in your contacts.

3. Unopened Snap

In some cases, the X may indicate that the recipient has not yet opened your snap. If you see the X next to a snap you sent, it means that the person you sent it to has not viewed it yet. Once they open the snap, the X will disappear.

4. Group Chat

If you are in a group chat on Snapchat, the X could signify that the message was not sent to all group members. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as one member’s phone being offline or the message not going through properly.

5. Possible Glitch

Sometimes, the X may appear for no apparent reason. This could be a glitch in the app or a temporary issue with Snapchat’s servers. If you are seeing the X consistently or with multiple friends, it might be worth contacting Snapchat support for further assistance.


The X in Snapchat can have various meanings, from a message not being sent to a friend deleting you. Understanding these symbols can help you navigate the world of Snapchat more effectively and avoid misunderstandings. Next time you see an X, take a closer look at the context to decipher its true meaning.

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