What Does the Yellow Heart Mean in Snapchat

Discover the meaning behind the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat and how it signifies a special relationship between users. Find out more about this unique symbol!


Snapchat, a popular social media platform known for its unique features like disappearing messages and emojis, has a variety of symbols that can confuse users. One such symbol is the yellow heart, which signifies a special relationship between two users. But what does it really mean?

Understanding the Yellow Heart

The yellow heart emoji on Snapchat represents a best friend. When you see this heart next to a friend’s name, it means you both share a special bond. This could be due to a high number of snaps exchanged, continuous communication, or mutual trust.


For example, if you send and receive snaps with a friend every day for at least two weeks, you may see a yellow heart appear next to their name. This indicates that they are one of your closest friends on the platform.

Case Studies

A study conducted by Snapchat revealed that users who exchange snaps consistently and engage with each other frequently are more likely to have a yellow heart next to their names. This shows the importance of communication and interaction in maintaining strong relationships on the platform.


According to Snapchat data, approximately 30% of users have the yellow heart emoji next to at least one of their friends’ names. This suggests that the symbol is quite common among users who have established close connections with others on the platform.


In conclusion, the yellow heart on Snapchat signifies a best friend and denotes a strong bond between two users. It is important to remember that emojis on the platform can have different meanings for different users, so communication and understanding are key in interpreting these symbols accurately.

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