What Does S Mean on Snapchat

Discover the meaning of the letter ‘S’ on Snapchat and its significance in maintaining streaks with friends. Learn how to keep your streaks alive and strengthen your relationships on the app.

Understanding Snapchat Streaks

If you’re an avid user of Snapchat, you may have come across the letter ‘S’ next to a friend’s name. But what does S mean on Snapchat? In the world of Snapchat streaks, the letter ‘S’ holds great significance.

Snapchat Streaks Explained

A Snapchat streak is formed when you and a friend send each other snaps (photos or videos) back and forth for consecutive days. The number next to the flame emoji indicates how many days the streak has been going on. If you see an ‘S’ instead of a number, it means your streak is set to expire soon.

Keeping the Streak Alive

It’s important to keep the streak alive by exchanging snaps every day. If you miss a day, the streak will end, and you’ll lose the special emoji next to your friend’s name. To prevent this from happening, make sure to send a snap daily to maintain your streak.

Case Studies and Statistics

Research has shown that Snapchat streaks can have a significant impact on user engagement. Users are more likely to open the app frequently to keep their streaks alive, leading to increased usage and interaction. In a survey, 73% of Snapchat users reported that they were motivated to keep streaks going with friends.

Case studies have also shown how streaks have strengthened friendships and increased communication among users. Maintaining a streak requires effort and dedication, which can create a sense of camaraderie and bond between friends.


In conclusion, the letter ‘S’ on Snapchat holds the key to maintaining your streaks and keeping your friendships alive. By understanding the significance of streaks and the importance of daily engagement, you can ensure that your relationships on Snapchat remain strong and vibrant.

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