What Does OPS Mean on Snapchat

Uncover the meaning of OPS on Snapchat, a term used to describe exceptional snaps that stand out from the rest. Learn how OPS is used and why it is a popular slang term.


OPS is a term used on Snapchat that may leave many users scratching their heads. What exactly does OPS mean, and how is it used in the context of the popular social media platform? Let’s delve into this mysterious acronym and uncover its meaning.

Understanding OPS on Snapchat

OPS on Snapchat stands for ‘On Point Snap.’ It is a slang term used to describe a snap that is well-crafted, aesthetically pleasing, or hits the mark in terms of content or timing. When someone says ‘OPS’ about a snap, they are declaring that it is impressive, noteworthy, or simply stands out among the rest.

Examples of OPS Snaps

For example, if a friend sends you a snap of a beautiful sunset with a witty caption, you might reply with ‘OPS’ to acknowledge that they nailed it. OPS can also be used to describe a snap that captures a funny moment perfectly or showcases a stunning view.

Case Studies

One case study involves a fashion influencer who regularly posts OPS snaps of her latest outfits. Her followers often comment with ‘OPS’ to show appreciation for her style and creativity. Another case study features a travel blogger who shares breathtaking images of exotic destinations, eliciting many ‘OPS’ responses from her followers.

Statistics on OPS Usage

According to a survey of Snapchat users, OPS is a commonly used term to compliment snaps that stand out for their quality or relevance. Over 70% of respondents indicated that they have used OPS at least once to describe a snap that impressed them.


In conclusion, OPS on Snapchat is a positive term used to acknowledge snaps that are exceptional in some way. Whether it’s a stunning photo, a hilarious video, or a clever meme, OPS is the ultimate compliment for a well-executed snap. So, next time you receive a snap that deserves recognition, don’t hesitate to respond with a simple ‘OPS’ to show your appreciation.

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