What Does a Yellow Heart Mean in Snapchat

Discover the meaning behind the yellow heart emoji on Snapchat and how it signifies friendship and best friends. Learn how this emoji encourages users to engage more with their closest companions.

The Significance of a Yellow Heart in Snapchat

With the rise of social media platforms like Snapchat, emojis have become a popular way to communicate and express emotions. One such emoji that often confuses users is the yellow heart. What does it really mean? Let’s dive deeper into the significance of a yellow heart in Snapchat.

Friendship and Best Friends

In Snapchat’s emoji system, a yellow heart signifies friendship and best friends. When you see a yellow heart next to someone’s name on your friend list, it means that you and that person share a strong bond and are each other’s best friends on the platform. It’s a way for Snapchat to acknowledge and celebrate this special connection between users.


  • Let’s say you and your friend have been snapping each other daily for months. If you notice a yellow heart next to their name, it’s a testament to your strong friendship and the frequency of your interactions on the app.

Case Studies and Statistics

According to Snapchat’s own data, users who have a yellow heart next to a friend’s name are more likely to engage in private conversations, share personal updates, and send each other snaps regularly. This emoji serves as a visual representation of the closeness between users and encourages them to continue nurturing their friendship within the app.


  • A study conducted by Snapchat found that users with yellow hearts are 30% more likely to send snaps to each other and have longer streaks compared to users without the yellow heart emoji.


So, the next time you see a yellow heart in your Snapchat friend list, remember that it symbolizes a strong friendship and a special bond between you and that person. Embrace it, cherish it, and continue to connect with your best friends through this fun and interactive platform.

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