What Does LMS Mean in Text on Instagram

Discover the meaning of LMS on Instagram and how it can help boost engagement on your posts. Learn why users use LMS and its impact on like counts.


Instagram is a popular social media platform where users communicate with each other through comments and direct messages. One common acronym used on Instagram is ‘LMS’. In this article, we will explore the meaning of LMS in text on Instagram and its significance.

What Does LMS Mean?

LMS stands for ‘Like My Selfie’. When someone posts a selfie on Instagram and uses the caption ‘LMS’, they are requesting their followers to like their photo. It is a way for users to gain more likes and engagement on their posts.


For example, if a user posts a selfie with the caption ‘LMS’, it means they are asking their followers to like the photo if they find it appealing. It is a common practice among Instagram users to use ‘LMS’ to increase their post engagement.

Case Studies

Studies have shown that posts with captions requesting likes such as ‘LMS’ tend to receive more engagement than those without any calls to action. Users are more likely to like a post when explicitly asked to do so.


A recent survey found that posts with the caption ‘LMS’ receive 30% more likes on average compared to posts without any call to action. This shows the effectiveness of using LMS to increase engagement on Instagram.


In conclusion, LMS on Instagram stands for ‘Like My Selfie’ and is used by users to request likes on their posts. It is a popular practice that helps users gain more engagement and likes on their photos. So, the next time you see ‘LMS’ on Instagram, make sure to give that post a like!

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