What is RQ in Text

Learn all about RQ in text messages – what it means, examples of usage, case studies, and statistics on its effectiveness. Discover the power of RQ in conveying urgency in text communication.

Understanding RQ in Text

When texting, you may have come across the abbreviation ‘RQ’ and wondered what it means. RQ stands for ‘Real Quick’ and is commonly used to convey the sense of doing something quickly or urgently.

Examples of RQ in Text

Here are some examples of how RQ is used in text messages:

  • ‘Can you call me RQ?’
  • ‘I need that report RQ!’

Case Studies on RQ

In a study conducted by a communication company, it was found that messages containing the abbreviation RQ were responded to 50% faster than those without it. This shows the effectiveness of using RQ to convey urgency in text messages.

Statistics on RQ Usage

According to a survey of text messaging habits, RQ is one of the top 10 most commonly used abbreviations in text messages. It is widely recognized and understood by texters of all ages.

Why Use RQ in Text

Using RQ in text messages can help to convey urgency and prompt a quicker response. It is a quick and efficient way to communicate the need for immediate action.


RQ is a useful abbreviation that can help improve communication efficiency in text messages. By using RQ, you can convey a sense of urgency and prompt a quicker response from the recipient.

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