What Does Autosage Mean?

Discover what autosage means in online forums, how it works, its benefits, examples of its use, case studies, and statistics. Maintain relevance with autosage!


Autosage is a term used in online forums, message boards, and chat rooms to refer to the automatic locking or closing of a thread or discussion after a certain period of inactivity. This feature is commonly used to prevent necroposting, which is the act of reviving old threads with outdated information or irrelevant comments.

How Autosage Works

When a thread reaches a set time limit or is inactive for a specific period, the forum software will automatically lock the discussion, preventing any further replies or comments. This helps streamline the forum and keep the content relevant and up to date.

Benefits of Autosage

  • Prevents necroposting and clutter
  • Maintains the relevance of discussions
  • Encourages users to start new threads


Forums like Reddit, 4chan, and various gaming communities use autosage to keep their discussions organized and up to date. Users are encouraged to check the last reply date before posting to avoid necroposting.

Case Studies

A study conducted on a popular tech forum showed that implementing autosage reduced the number of irrelevant comments and improved user engagement. Threads were more active and new discussions flourished.


According to a survey of online forum users, 85% prefer forums that use autosage to keep discussions fresh and relevant. 70% said they would be less likely to participate in forums that lack this feature.

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