What Does an X on Snapchat Mean

Discover what the ‘X’ symbol on Snapchat means and how it can impact your interactions on the platform. Uncover the mystery behind the ‘X’ emoji now!


Snapchat is a popular social media platform known for its unique features, including emojis that can be quite confusing to decipher. One such emoji is the ‘X’ symbol, which can have different meanings depending on the context. Let’s dive into what an ‘X’ on Snapchat actually means.

1. Unopened Snap

When you see an ‘X’ next to a friend’s name on Snapchat, it usually means that you have received a snap (photo or video) from them, but you haven’t opened it yet. This can indicate that the snap is waiting for you to view.

2. Automatic Deletion

In some cases, the ‘X’ may appear if the snap has expired or been automatically deleted before you had a chance to open it. Snapchat messages typically disappear after a certain period, so seeing the ‘X’ could mean that the snap is no longer accessible.

3. Friend Request

Another interpretation of the ‘X’ symbol is that it represents a friend request. If you see an ‘X’ next to someone’s name whom you haven’t added as a friend yet, it could mean that they have sent you a friend request.

4. Chat Message

In some cases, the ‘X’ can also appear in chat messages on Snapchat. This could indicate that a message has been sent but not yet opened by the recipient. It serves as a notification that there is unread content in the chat.

5. Group Chat

When you are in a group chat on Snapchat, the ‘X’ may appear next to a member’s name if they haven’t seen the latest message. This can help identify who in the group has viewed the message and who hasn’t.


Overall, the ‘X’ symbol on Snapchat can have various meanings, from indicating an unopened snap to representing a friend request or an unread chat message. Understanding these nuances can help you navigate the platform more effectively and communicate better with your friends.

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