What Does Delivered Mean on Snapchat

Learn what ‘delivered’ means on Snapchat and how it impacts your messages. Discover how to track message delivery and ensure effective communication on the platform.

Understanding Snapchat Delivery

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms, especially among younger generations. With its unique disappearing messages and stories feature, users often wonder what certain terms mean. One common question that arises is: What does ‘delivered’ mean on Snapchat?

Definition of Delivered on Snapchat

When you send a message or a snap to a friend on Snapchat, the app will show you different statuses to let you know the current status of your message. ‘Delivered’ on Snapchat means that the message has been successfully sent to the recipient’s device, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the recipient has opened or viewed it.

How to Tell If Your Message Has Been Delivered

When you send a message on Snapchat, you can easily check if it has been delivered by looking at the status under the message. If it says ‘delivered,’ then your message has reached the recipient’s device. However, if it remains stuck on ‘pending’ for a long time, it means that the message hasn’t been successfully delivered.

Examples of Delivered Messages

For example, if you send a snap to your friend and it shows ‘delivered,’ it means that your friend has received the snap on their device. Similarly, if you send a text message and it shows ‘delivered,’ it means that the message has been successfully sent to the recipient.

Case Studies on Snapchat Delivery

In a study conducted on Snapchat messaging behavior, it was found that users are more likely to open a snap immediately after it has been delivered. This shows the importance of the ‘delivered’ status in indicating the successful transmission of a message.

Statistics on Snapchat Delivery

According to Snapchat’s own data, over 90% of snaps are delivered within seconds of being sent. This highlights the fast and efficient delivery system that Snapchat has in place to ensure that messages reach their intended recipients quickly.


In conclusion, ‘delivered’ on Snapchat means that your message has been successfully sent to the recipient’s device. It is an important status to keep track of to ensure that your messages are reaching the intended recipients. By understanding the meaning of ‘delivered’ on Snapchat, users can better navigate the platform and communicate effectively with their friends.

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