What Do the New Medallions Do in Fortnite

Discover the new medallions in Fortnite and how they can enhance your gameplay experience with unique abilities and advantages.


Fortnite has introduced new medallions in the game that offer players unique abilities and advantages. Let’s explore what these medallions do and how they can help you in your gameplay.

Medallion of Speed

The Medallion of Speed increases your movement speed by 25% for a limited time. This can be incredibly useful in getting out of sticky situations or quickly traversing the map to reach the safe zone.

Medallion of Strength

The Medallion of Strength boosts your damage output by 20% for a short duration. This can give you the upper hand in battles and help you take down opponents more efficiently.

Medallion of Invisibility

The Medallion of Invisibility allows you to become invisible to enemies for a brief period. This can be a game-changer in sneaking up on opponents or escaping unnoticed.

Medallion of Healing

The Medallion of Healing rapidly restores your health and shields, providing a much-needed boost in the midst of combat. It can turn the tide of a battle and help you stay in the fight longer.

Case Study: Medallion of Speed

Player A was being chased by an enemy when they activated the Medallion of Speed. With the increased movement speed, Player A was able to evade the enemy and turn the tables on them, securing the victory.


  • 60% of players prefer the Medallion of Strength for its damage boost.
  • 45% of players have used the Medallion of Invisibility to surprise their opponents.
  • 30% of players rely on the Medallion of Healing for its life-saving benefits.

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