What Do Hippos Eat

Discover what hippos eat and how their diet impacts their environments. Learn about the feeding habits of these massive herbivores in this informative article.

The Diet of Hippos

Hippos are known for their massive size and voracious appetite. But what exactly do these herbivorous mammals eat?

Grass and Plants

Hippos primarily feed on grass and aquatic plants. They spend most of their time grazing on vegetation near rivers and lakes.

Case Study: Serengeti National Park

In the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, hippos can be seen munching on grasses in the marshlands. They consume large quantities of grass each day to sustain their energy levels.


Research shows that hippos can consume up to 80 pounds of vegetation daily. This high intake is necessary to support their massive bodies.

Water Plants

Although hippos spend most of their time on land, they also eat water plants. They will submerge themselves in water to reach aquatic vegetation such as water lilies.

Feeding Behavior

Hippos are nocturnal feeders, grazing in the early evening and at night. They use their sharp incisors to tear grass and plants.


In conclusion, hippos are herbivores that primarily consume grass and aquatic plants to survive. Their diet plays a crucial role in maintaining the delicate ecosystem of their habitats.

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