What Do You Call a Group of Lions?

Discover why a group of lions is called a ‘pride’ and learn about their social structure, hierarchy, and interesting facts. Find out how lion prides operate in the wild and why the term ‘pride’ is fitting for these majestic animals.

The Pride of Lions

Have you ever wondered what you call a group of lions? Well, the answer is a ‘pride’. A pride of lions typically consists of several related lionesses, their cubs, and a few adult males. The term ‘pride’ is believed to originate from the Latin word ‘praeda’, which means ‘booty’ or ‘prey’.

Characteristics of a Lion Pride

  • Size: A typical lion pride can consist of anywhere from 5 to 15 individuals.
  • Social Structure: The lionesses are the primary hunters in the pride, while the adult males protect the territory and cubs.
  • Hierarchy: There is a clear hierarchy within a pride, with the dominant male fathering most of the cubs.

Case Studies

In a study conducted by the University of Minnesota, researchers found that lion prides with more females were more successful in hunting and defending their territory. This highlights the importance of the social structure within a pride.

Interesting Facts

  • The size of a lion pride can vary depending on the availability of food and the size of the territory.
  • Lions have a unique way of greeting each other known as ‘head rubbing’, which helps strengthen the bonds within the pride.


In conclusion, a group of lions is called a ‘pride’, and it is essential for their survival in the wild. The social structure and hierarchy within a pride play a crucial role in their ability to hunt and defend their territory. Next time you see a group of lions, remember to refer to them as a ‘pride’.

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