What Do Australians Call McDonald’s?

Discover what Australians affectionately call the famous fast-food chain, McDonald’s, and the unique nicknames that reflect the strong bond between locals and the iconic brand.


McDonald’s, the popular fast-food chain, has a global presence and is known by various names in different countries. In Australia, the name ‘McDonald’s’ is universally recognized, but locals have their own unique nicknames for the beloved fast-food giant.


One of the most common and endearing names Australians use for McDonald’s is ‘Macca’s.’ This term has become so widely accepted that in 2013, McDonald’s officially registered ‘Macca’s’ as a trademark in Australia. This move highlighted the significance of this nickname in Australian culture.


Another shortened version of the name, ‘Maccas,’ is also frequently used by Aussies. This abbreviation reflects the laid-back and informal language common in Australia, where words are often shortened for convenience and informality.

Golden Arches

While ‘Golden Arches’ is not a nickname specific to Australia, it is a widely recognized term among McDonald’s enthusiasts around the world. The iconic golden arches that form the restaurant’s logo are instantly recognizable and serve as a symbol of the brand’s global identity.

Statistics and Case Studies

  • In a survey conducted in 2014, it was found that nearly 53% of Australians use the term ‘Macca’s’ to refer to McDonald’s.
  • McDonald’s Australia launched a marketing campaign in 2013 to embrace the nickname ‘Macca’s’ officially, highlighting the strong connection between the brand and Australian consumers.
  • Australians’ affection for McDonald’s is evident in the massive popularity of the chain, with over 970 restaurants across the country serving millions of customers each day.


While McDonald’s is a global giant with a uniform brand image, Australians have put their own spin on the name with affectionate and familiar nicknames like ‘Macca’s’ and ‘Maccas.’ These terms not only reflect the casual and friendly nature of Australian culture but also highlight the strong bond between Aussies and their favorite fast-food chain.

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