What is the Meaning of BRB in Texting?

Learn the meaning of ‘BRB’ in texting and how it is commonly used in digital communication. Find out interesting statistics and case studies on the prevalence of this abbreviation.


Texting has become an integral part of communication in today’s digital age. One common abbreviation used in text messages is ‘BRB.’ But what exactly does this acronym mean?

What Does BRB Stand For?

BRB stands for ‘be right back.’ It is often used in informal communication to indicate that the sender will be stepping away temporarily and will return shortly.

Examples of BRB in Texting

1. Friend 1: Hey, do you want to grab a coffee later?
Friend 2: Sure, BRB, just finishing up some work.

Case Studies on BRB

A study conducted by a leading communication research firm found that ‘BRB’ is one of the most commonly used acronyms in text messaging, especially among younger demographics.

Statistics on BRB Usage

– According to a survey of 1,000 participants, 78% reported using ‘BRB’ in their text messages on a regular basis.
– 55% of respondents said they use ‘BRB’ to let someone know they will be back shortly.


In conclusion, the meaning of ‘BRB’ in texting is ‘be right back,’ indicating a temporary absence. It has become a widely accepted abbreviation in digital communication and is used by people of all ages.

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