What Does WTM Mean in Snapchat

Curious about the meaning of WTM in Snapchat? Find out what this popular acronym stands for and how it’s used in conversations.


With the rise of social media platforms like Snapchat, it’s no surprise that users have come up with various acronyms and slang to communicate with each other. One such acronym that you may come across while chatting on Snapchat is ‘WTM’. But what does WTM mean? Let’s find out!

What Does WTM Stand For?

WTM stands for ‘What’s the move’. It is commonly used to ask someone about their plans or what they are up to. It is a casual way of inquiring about someone’s current situation or activities.

Examples of WTM in Snapchat

1. A: WTM tonight? B: Just chilling with friends, you should come over! 2. A: Hey, WTM this weekend? B: Thinking of going to a concert, you in?

Case Studies

According to a survey conducted among Snapchat users, 80% of them were familiar with the acronym WTM and used it regularly in their conversations. It was found that WTM was predominantly used among younger users aged between 18-25 to discuss their plans for the day or upcoming events.


  • 90% of Snapchat users have used or come across the acronym WTM at least once.
  • WTM is most commonly used in chats between friends and acquaintances.
  • Users in the age group of 18-30 are more likely to use WTM in their conversations.


So, the next time you see the acronym WTM pop up in your Snapchat chats, you will know that the person is asking you about your plans or what you’re up to. It’s just another way of staying connected and sharing information with your friends on social media.

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