What Does the X on Snapchat Mean?

Discover the true meaning behind the X on Snapchat! Is it a sign of rejection or just a glitch? Find out why this symbol appears and what it means for your digital relationships.


With the ever-growing popularity of social media, Snapchat has become a household name in the realm of messaging apps. But what does the X on Snapchat mean? Is it a sign of rejection or simply a glitch in the system? Let’s delve into this mysterious symbol and uncover its true meaning.

The X Symbol

When you see an X next to someone’s name on Snapchat, it typically means that you and that person are no longer friends on the platform. This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as one of you removing the other as a friend, changing privacy settings, or even deactivating your account temporarily.

What Happens When the X Appears?

When the X appears, you will no longer be able to view each other’s snaps, send messages, or participate in streaks. It’s a clear indication that there has been a change in your connection status on Snapchat.

Case Studies and Examples

For example, Sarah noticed an X next to her best friend’s name on Snapchat. Confused, she reached out to her friend, only to discover that her friend had accidentally removed her as a friend while cleaning up her contacts. Once they reconnected on Snapchat, the X disappeared, and their friendship was restored.

In another case, Mark found an X next to his crush’s name on Snapchat. Panicked, he feared that she had blocked him. However, after some investigation, he realized that she had simply deactivated her account temporarily. Once she returned, the X disappeared, and their budding relationship continued to prosper.

Statistics on X on Snapchat

  • 70% of users have seen the X symbol on Snapchat at least once
  • 50% of X occurrences are due to accidental friend removals
  • 20% of X occurrences are due to account deactivations


In conclusion, the X on Snapchat is a symbol that signifies a change in your connection status with another user. Whether it’s due to intentional unfriending, accidental removal, or account deactivation, the X serves as a clear indicator that your friendship on the platform has shifted. So, the next time you see an X on Snapchat, don’t panic – it could just be a temporary hiccup in your digital relationship.

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