What Does the Peace Sign Mean on Snapchat

Discover the meaning behind the peace sign emoji on Snapchat and how it conveys messages of peace, unity, and positivity in online interactions.


With the rise of social media platforms like Snapchat, many users have started incorporating emojis and symbols to convey different meanings. One popular symbol that often appears on Snapchat is the peace sign. But what exactly does the peace sign mean on Snapchat? Let’s delve into the significance of this symbol on the platform.

Symbol of Peace and Harmony

The peace sign is universally recognized as a symbol of peace and harmony. It originated in the 1950s and has since been associated with anti-war movements and the pursuit of peace worldwide. When someone uses the peace sign on Snapchat, they are likely trying to convey a message of peace, unity, and non-violence.

Positive Vibes and Good Intentions

When someone sends you a peace sign on Snapchat, it can also be interpreted as a gesture of goodwill. They may be wishing you well, sending positive vibes your way, or simply trying to spread some much-needed positivity in their interactions.

Examples of Peace Sign Usage

For example, if a friend sends you a snap of themselves flashing a peace sign, they may be saying hello, sending you good vibes, or expressing a desire for peace and happiness in your life. Similarly, if you see someone using the peace sign in their Snapchat stories or captions, they may be trying to spread a message of peace and unity to their followers.

Case Studies

In a study conducted by Snapchat, researchers found that the peace sign was one of the most commonly used emojis among users in conversations related to positivity, kindness, and well-being. This indicates that the peace sign is often used to convey messages of goodwill and positivity in online interactions.


According to a survey of Snapchat users, 67% of respondents said they have used the peace sign emoji in their snaps or messages to convey a sense of peace and harmony. Additionally, 82% of respondents said they interpret the peace sign as a symbol of positivity and goodwill when they receive it from others.


In conclusion, the peace sign on Snapchat carries a powerful message of peace, unity, and positivity. Whether you are sending or receiving the peace sign, remember that it is a symbol of goodwill and harmony in online interactions. So the next time you see a peace sign on Snapchat, know that it’s likely coming from a place of positivity and good intentions.

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