What Does the Orange Flag Mean on Instagram DMs

Discover the meaning behind the mysterious orange flag on Instagram DMs and how it can help prioritize messages effectively.

The Mystery Behind the Orange Flag

Instagram Direct Messages have become a popular way for users to communicate privately. However, many users are left puzzled by the appearance of an orange flag on their DMs. So, what does this orange flag mean?

Is it a Reminder?

One common misconception is that the orange flag indicates a message that has not been read yet. However, this is not the case. The orange flag actually signifies that the message is marked as important by the sender.

Priority Messages

When a user sends a message and marks it as important, the recipient will see the message highlighted with an orange flag. This is a way for users to draw attention to specific messages and ensure they are not overlooked.

Case Studies

For example, a business could use the orange flag to highlight important customer inquiries or feedback. This helps them prioritize and respond to urgent messages promptly. Similarly, individuals can use the orange flag to bookmark key information or reminders.

Statistics on Orange Flag Usage

According to Instagram, the orange flag feature has seen a significant increase in usage since its introduction. Many users appreciate the ability to flag important messages and keep track of essential information.


Next time you see an orange flag on your Instagram DMs, remember that it signifies an important message. Whether it’s a reminder, priority message, or key information, the orange flag is a valuable tool for communication on the platform.

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