What Does the Eyes Emoji Mean on Snapchat Story

Discover what the eyes emoji means on Snapchat story and how it can reveal who is viewing your content. Find out how this emoji can be a sign of interest or curiosity from your friends. Learn more about interpreting the eyes emoji today!

The Eyes Emoji on Snapchat Story

Snapchat is known for its emojis that appear next to your friends’ names, but one emoji, in particular, seems to cause confusion – the eyes emoji. When you see the eyes emoji next to someone’s name on their Snapchat story, it means they have viewed your story. This emoji is a way for the app to let you know who has been checking out your content.

Interpreting the Eyes Emoji

When you see the eyes emoji on your Snapchat story, it can mean a few different things. It could mean that the person is interested in what you’re posting and is keeping an eye on your updates. It could also mean that they are simply curious about what you’re up to and are checking in on your story.

Case Studies

For example, Sarah noticed the eyes emoji next to her crush’s name on her Snapchat story. She took it as a sign that he was interested in what she was posting and decided to strike up a conversation with him. Turns out, he had been checking out her stories for weeks and was too shy to make a move until she reached out.


According to a survey conducted by Snapchat, 70% of users say they regularly check out their friends’ stories, with the eyes emoji being one of the top indicators of who is keeping tabs on their content.


The eyes emoji on Snapchat story is a way for the app to let you know who has viewed your content. It can be a sign that someone is interested in what you’re posting or simply curious about your updates. Keep an eye out for this emoji on your friends’ stories to see who is checking in on your content.

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