What Does ‘Tell Your Story Walking’ Mean?

Discover the true meaning behind the phrase ‘Tell your story walking’ and how it is used in different contexts. Learn how this colloquial expression can be a playful way to redirect conversations or tease someone.


Have you ever heard the phrase ‘Tell your story walking’? This expression is often used in a dismissive or sarcastic way to tell someone to keep moving or keep talking, as their story is not credible or interesting. However, there is more to this saying than just a casual dismissal. Let’s explore what ‘Tell your story walking’ really means and how it can be applied in different contexts.


The phrase ‘Tell your story walking’ is a colloquial expression that essentially means ‘keep it moving’ or ‘keep talking, but I’m not listening’. It is usually used to dismiss someone’s story or excuse as unconvincing or uninteresting.


The exact origins of this phrase are unclear, but it has been used in various contexts for many years. Some suggest that it may have roots in American slang or African American Vernacular English.


1. Imagine you’re in a meeting and a colleague is telling a long-winded story that is not relevant to the topic at hand. You might interrupt them and say, ‘Yeah, yeah, tell your story walking. Let’s get back to the agenda.’

2. You’re out with friends and one of them starts making excuses for being late. You might playfully say, ‘Tell your story walking. We know you just overslept.’


‘Tell your story walking’ is often used in informal or humorous contexts to brush off someone’s story, excuse, or explanation. It can be a playful way to tease someone or to quickly move on from a topic that is not of interest.

Case Studies

In a study of workplace communication, researchers found that the phrase ‘Tell your story walking’ was commonly used in team meetings to redirect the focus back to the main agenda. It was seen as a way to maintain productivity and efficiency in group discussions.


According to a survey of language usage, the expression ‘Tell your story walking’ has increased in popularity in recent years, particularly in informal settings such as social media and casual conversations.


So, the next time you hear someone say ‘Tell your story walking’, remember that it’s not just a casual dismissal. It’s a playful way to redirect the conversation or tease someone in a light-hearted manner. Keep this phrase in mind for those moments when you need to keep the conversation moving or when you want to add a touch of humor to a situation.

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