What Does ST Mean on Snapchat?

Discover the meaning of ST on Snapchat and how it impacts user engagement. Learn about the significance of streaks and their importance in maintaining connections on the platform.


When you see the abbreviation ‘ST’ on Snapchat, you may wonder what it means. In this article, we will explore the significance of ‘ST’ on the popular social media platform.

What Does ST Mean on Snapchat?

ST on Snapchat stands for ‘Streaks.’ It is a feature on the app that signifies a continuous exchange of snaps between two users.

How Does ST Work?

When two users send each other snaps within a 24-hour period for at least three consecutive days, they establish a streak. The number next to the ST abbreviation indicates the number of consecutive days the streak has been maintained.

Importance of Streaks

Streaks on Snapchat are popular among users as they symbolize the strength of their friendships and connections. Maintaining a streak requires consistent communication and engagement on the platform.

Case Studies

Many users take streaks seriously and make efforts to keep them alive. Some even set reminders to ensure they do not break their streaks with their friends.


A survey found that 75% of Snapchat users engage in streaks with their friends regularly. It has become a fun and interactive way for users to stay connected with each other.

In Conclusion

Overall, ST on Snapchat stands for Streaks, which are a popular feature on the platform that signifies ongoing communication and engagement between users. It serves as a fun way for friends to stay connected and strengthen their relationships.

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