What Does Scotland Need to Qualify

Discover what it takes for Scotland’s football team to qualify for major tournaments. Learn about key strategies, statistics, and case studies for success in international competitions.


Scotland’s football team faces the challenge of qualifying for major tournaments, something they have struggled to achieve in recent years. In this article, we will explore what Scotland needs to do in order to secure qualification.

Euro 2020 Qualification

In the Euro 2020 qualifiers, Scotland finished third in their group behind Belgium and Russia. To qualify for the tournament, they needed to finish in the top two positions. This highlights the need for a strong showing in group stage matches.

Improved Performance

Scotland must focus on improving their overall performance, both defensively and offensively. This could mean strengthening their squad with experienced players or developing young talent through grassroots programs.


Consistency is key in football, and Scotland must aim to maintain a high level of performance throughout the qualifying campaign. This means avoiding unnecessary losses and securing crucial wins against tough opponents.

Team Unity

A cohesive team with strong chemistry is essential for success in football. Scotland must work on building unity among players, coaches, and staff to create a winning atmosphere.

Strategic Planning

Effective strategic planning is crucial for any football team. Scotland needs to analyze their opponents, identify weaknesses, and adapt their playing style accordingly to maximize their chances of qualification.

Financial Support

Financial support is also important for Scotland’s qualification efforts. Investing in training facilities, coaching staff, and player development can give the team a competitive edge.

Case Study: Iceland

Looking at the example of Iceland, a small nation that qualified for the 2016 European Championship, Scotland can draw inspiration from their success. Iceland focused on grassroots development, coaching programs, and team unity to achieve their historic qualification.


According to recent statistics, Scotland has a win rate of 42% in European Championship qualifiers. By improving this rate and focusing on key areas of improvement, Scotland can boost their chances of qualification in future tournaments.


Qualifying for major tournaments is a challenging task, but with the right approach and dedication, Scotland can achieve success. By focusing on improved performance, consistency, team unity, strategic planning, and financial support, Scotland can enhance their qualification prospects.

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