What Does Remix Mean on Instagram

Discover the meaning of remix on Instagram and how it can boost engagement and creativity. Learn from examples, case studies, and statistics to make the most of this feature.


Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos and videos. One of the features that sets Instagram apart is the ability to remix content. But what exactly does remix mean on Instagram?

What is Remix on Instagram?

Remix is a feature on Instagram that allows users to take someone else’s photo or video and create their own version of it. This could involve adding stickers, text, drawings, or even combining multiple posts into one.

How Does Remix Work?

When a user remixes someone’s post, the original content is displayed side by side with the new version. This helps give credit to the original creator while also allowing for creative expression from the person doing the remix.

Examples of Remix on Instagram

  • A fashion influencer remixes a designer’s photo by adding their own styling tips
  • A musician remixes a fellow artist’s music video by adding their own vocals

Case Studies

According to Instagram, posts that are remixed tend to get higher engagement than regular posts. This is because remixing allows for collaboration and interaction between users, making the content more engaging and shareable.


A study by Instagram found that posts with the remix feature enabled saw a 30% increase in likes and comments compared to posts without it. This shows the impact that remixing can have on engagement levels.


In conclusion, remix on Instagram is a powerful tool for users to collaborate, be creative, and engage with each other’s content. By understanding how remix works and using it effectively, users can enhance their Instagram experience and reach a wider audience.

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