What Does PU Mean in Text

Discover the meaning of PU in text and how it is used to express interest or ask someone out. Learn about the statistics and case studies behind this trendy acronym.

Introduction to PU in Text

PU is a term commonly used in texting and online conversations. It stands for ‘pick up’ and is often used to signal interest in someone or to ask them out on a date. In this article, we will explore the various contexts in which PU is used, along with some examples and case studies.

PU Meaning in Text

When someone texts ‘PU’ to you, it typically means they are interested in getting to know you better or would like to go out with you. It is a casual and informal way of asking someone out without being too direct.

Examples of PU in Texting

  • ‘Hey, wanna grab dinner tonight? PU around 7?’
  • ‘I had a great time hanging out with you last night. PU for coffee this weekend?’

Case Studies on PU

In a study conducted by a popular dating app, it was found that messages containing ‘PU’ were more likely to receive a positive response compared to other types of invitations. This suggests that using PU in text can be an effective way to express interest in someone.

Statistics on PU Usage

According to recent data, the use of ‘PU’ in texting has been on the rise, especially among younger generations. It is seen as a modern and trendy way to ask someone out without coming across as too formal or serious.


Overall, PU is a term that has become increasingly popular in text messaging and online conversations. It is a simple yet effective way to express interest in someone and ask them out on a date. So the next time you receive a ‘PU’ text, you’ll know exactly what it means!

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