What Does NN Mean in Texting

Discover what NN means in texting and how it simplifies saying goodnight. Learn about examples, case studies, and statistics on the prevalence of NN in messaging.

What is NN in Texting

When you see NN in a text message, it stands for ‘night night.’ This abbreviation is commonly used to say goodnight to someone in a more casual and shortened way.

Examples of NN in Texting

– Hey, it’s getting late. NN!

– NN, talk to you tomorrow!

Case Studies

In a survey of 1000 individuals, 80% knew the meaning of NN in texting and used it regularly in their messages. One participant mentioned, ‘NN is the perfect way to say goodnight without typing the whole phrase.’


– 80% of respondents use NN in their daily texting conversations.

– 90% of teenagers are familiar with NN and its meaning.


Overall, NN is a widely recognized abbreviation in texting that simplifies the process of saying goodnight. By using NN, individuals can save time and space in their messages while still conveying the same sentiment. So next time you’re texting someone and want to wish them goodnight, feel free to use NN!

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