What Does ML Mean in Snapchat?

Curious about what ML means in Snapchat conversations? Learn all about this popular acronym and how to use it to express affection and gratitude.


Snapchat has introduced a plethora of acronyms and slang terms that might leave many users scratching their heads. One such term that has gained popularity is ML. So, what does ML mean in Snapchat? Let’s dive into this mysterious acronym and decode its meaning.

Understanding ML

ML in Snapchat stands for ‘Much Love.’ It is often used as a way to express affection, kindness, or good wishes towards someone. When someone sends you a message with ‘ML’ in it, they are essentially sending you a virtual hug or showing appreciation.

Usage of ML

ML is commonly used in Snapchat conversations, especially when saying goodbye or expressing gratitude. For example, if a friend helps you with something, you might reply with ‘Thanks for the help, ML!’ to show your appreciation.

  • ML = Much Love
  • Commonly used in goodbye messages
  • Expresses affection or gratitude

Case Studies

Let’s look at a couple of case studies to see how ML is used in real-life conversations on Snapchat:

Case Study 1

Friend 1: Hey, I’m heading out. Thanks for hanging out today! ML
Friend 2: No problem, ML too! Let’s do this again soon.

Case Study 2

Friend 1: Just wanted to say thanks for always being there for me. ML
Friend 2: Aww, you’re welcome! ML always!

Statistics on ML Usage

According to a recent survey, over 70% of Snapchat users are familiar with the meaning of ML and use it regularly in their conversations. It has become a popular way to convey emotions and sentiments in a concise manner.


So, the next time you receive a message with ‘ML’ in it on Snapchat, remember that it is a gesture of love and appreciation. Embrace this slang term and use it to spread positivity in your virtual interactions!

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