What Does Messestandort Mean?

Discover the significance of Messestandort in the world of trade shows and exhibitions. Learn how the choice of Messestandort can impact the success of events.


When it comes to the world of trade shows and exhibitions, the term ‘Messestandort’ plays a crucial role. But what exactly does it mean? Let’s dive into understanding the significance of Messestandort in the context of trade shows and exhibitions.

Definition of Messestandort

Messestandort is a German term that translates to ‘fair location’ or ‘trade show venue’ in English. It refers to the physical location where trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, and events take place.

Importance of Messestandort

The choice of Messestandort can greatly impact the success of a trade show or exhibition. Factors such as accessibility, infrastructure, facilities, and location can influence the overall experience of exhibitors and visitors.

Examples of Messestandort

  • Messe Frankfurt, Germany: Known for its world-class facilities and strategic location in the heart of Europe, Messe Frankfurt is a popular Messestandort for international trade shows.
  • Messe München, Germany: Located in the vibrant city of Munich, Messe München is another prominent Messestandort that hosts a variety of trade shows and events.

Case Studies

Let’s take a look at a couple of case studies that highlight the impact of Messestandort on trade shows and exhibitions:

Case Study 1: Messe Berlin
Messe Berlin is a renowned Messestandort that hosts the ITB Berlin trade show, one of the largest tourism exhibitions in the world. The central location of Messe Berlin, combined with its modern infrastructure, has helped ITB Berlin attract a large number of exhibitors and visitors from around the globe.

Case Study 2: Messe Düsseldorf
Messe Düsseldorf is another popular Messestandort that is known for hosting the MEDICA trade fair, the world’s leading medical trade show. The state-of-the-art facilities and convenient transportation options at Messe Düsseldorf have contributed to the success of MEDICA as a premier event in the healthcare industry.

Statistics on Messestandort

According to a survey conducted by the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE), 85% of exhibitors consider the choice of Messestandort as a critical factor in their decision to participate in a trade show.


In conclusion, Messestandort plays a vital role in the success of trade shows and exhibitions. Choosing the right Messestandort can enhance the overall experience for exhibitors and visitors, leading to greater participation and business opportunities. It is essential for event organizers to carefully evaluate and select the most suitable Messestandort for their upcoming trade shows and exhibitions.

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