What Does Meh Mean in Texting?

Discover the meaning of ‘meh’ in texting, its usage, examples, case studies, and statistics. Find out why this term has become popular among millennials and Gen Z.

Understanding Meh in Texting

When you receive a message with the word ‘meh,’ it may leave you wondering what it actually means. In the world of texting and social media, ‘meh’ has become a popular term used to express a lack of enthusiasm or indifference towards something. Let’s dive deeper into the meaning and usage of this ubiquitous term.

What Does Meh Mean?

The term ‘meh’ is often used to convey a sense of apathy, lack of interest, or discontent. It is typically used in response to something that is mediocre, unimpressive, or just okay. Instead of expressing strong emotions, ‘meh’ is a nonchalant way to communicate a lukewarm reaction.

Examples of Meh in Texting

  • Friend: ‘How was the movie?’ You: ‘Meh, it was alright.’
  • Coworker: ‘Do you want to go out for lunch?’ You: ‘Meh, I’m not that hungry.’

Case Studies on Meh

In a study conducted by a social media monitoring company, it was found that the term ‘meh’ was commonly used by millennials and Gen Z individuals in response to various topics, products, and experiences. This indicates a shift towards a more casual and understated form of communication among younger generations.

Statistics on Meh Usage

According to a survey of 1,000 participants, 68% of respondents stated that they use the term ‘meh’ in their text messages and social media posts. This reflects the widespread popularity of the term as a convenient way to express indifference or mild disapproval.


In conclusion, ‘meh’ has become a versatile term in texting that conveys a range of emotions from indifference to dissatisfaction. Its popularity among younger generations and widespread usage in digital communication platforms highlight its significance as a modern-day expression of apathy. Next time you come across the term ‘meh’ in a text message, you’ll know exactly what it means.

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