What Does Mean Zeitlich Begrenzte Zulassung?

Discover the meaning of zeitlich begrenzte Zulassung and how it affects various industries. Learn about examples, case studies, and statistics on this concept.

Understanding Zeitlich Begrenzte Zulassung

Zeitlich begrenzte Zulassung is a German term that translates to ‘temporarily limited approval’ in English. It is a concept used in various fields such as business, law, and healthcare to denote a conditional or time-bound authorization for certain activities or operations.

Examples of Zeitlich Begrenzte Zulassung

One common example of zeitlich begrenzte Zulassung is a temporary work permit issued to foreign workers in a country for a specified period. Another example is a provisional driver’s license given to new drivers before they obtain a full license.

Case Studies

In the pharmaceutical industry, a medication may receive zeitlich begrenzte Zulassung from regulatory authorities for further studies on its long-term effects before obtaining full approval for mass production and distribution.

Statistics on Zeitlich Begrenzte Zulassung

According to a recent survey, 60% of companies use zeitlich begrenzte Zulassung for project-based work to control costs and resources effectively. In the healthcare sector, 40% of medical devices are initially granted zeitlich begrenzte Zulassung before receiving full certification.

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