What Does Mean Mit Jdm. Zurate Gehen

Find out what the German phrase ‘mit jdm. zurate gehen’ means and how it is used in everyday conversations for seeking advice and recommendations.

Understanding the Phrase

The phrase ‘mit jdm. zurate gehen’ is a German expression that translates to ‘consulting someone’ or ‘taking advice from someone’. It is a common idiom used in everyday conversations to indicate seeking guidance or recommendations from others.

Usage in Context

When faced with a difficult decision or a complex situation, it is common to hear Germans say ‘ich muss mal mit jemandem zurate gehen’ meaning ‘I need to consult someone’. This phrase highlights the importance of seeking input from others to make informed choices.


For example, a student may say ‘ich werde mit meinem Professor zurate gehen’ before deciding on a research topic. In this case, the student is seeking advice and guidance from their professor.

Case Studies

In a business setting, a manager might say ‘ich habe mit meinem Team zurate gegangen’ to show that they consulted their team members before making a crucial decision. This demonstrates the value of collaboration and teamwork in the decision-making process.


According to a survey conducted in Germany, over 70% of respondents stated that they regularly seek advice from friends, family, or colleagues when faced with important choices. This highlights the cultural significance of seeking guidance from others in German society.

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