What does et mean?

et meaning in General Dictionary

A noun suffix with a diminutive power such as baronet pocket aspect floweret latchet

et meaning in Medical Dictionary

Street title for alpha-ethyltryptamine.

et meaning in Law Dictionary

nd. The introductory word of a number of Latin and law French phrases formerly in keeping use.

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  • perhaps not

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Sentence Examples with the word et

Commercial and technical instruction is given in various institutions comprising national establishments such as the icoles nalionales professionnelles of Armentires, Vierzon, Voiron and Nantes for the education of working men; the more advanced coles darts et mtiers of Chlons, Angers, Aix, Lille and Cluny; and the Central School of Arts and Manufactures at Paris; schools depending on the communes and state in combination, e.g.

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