What do Bunnies Have to Do with Easter

Discover the history and symbolism behind the association of bunnies with Easter, from fertility symbolism to commercialization, and the link to Easter egg hunts.

The History of Easter Bunnies

When we think of Easter, images of colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies, and baskets filled with goodies often come to mind. But why are bunnies associated with this religious holiday?

Symbolism of Bunnies in Easter

Bunnies are a symbol of fertility and new life, which are both themes associated with the spring season and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In pagan traditions, rabbits were seen as a symbol of fertility because of their ability to reproduce quickly. This symbolism carried over into Christian beliefs as the holiday of Easter became associated with rebirth and new beginnings.

Commercialization of Easter Bunnies

Today, the Easter bunny has become a popular icon in Western culture, appearing on everything from greeting cards to decorations. Businesses capitalize on the image of the bunny to sell Easter-themed merchandise, from candies to toys.

The Easter Egg Connection

Another reason bunnies are associated with Easter has to do with the tradition of the Easter egg hunt. Children would search for eggs hidden by the Easter bunny, which added to the mystique and magic of the holiday.


While the connection between bunnies and Easter may seem strange at first, it is rooted in ancient symbolism and has evolved over time to become a cherished tradition in many households around the world.

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