What does mean Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen

Unlock the mystery of the German phrase ‘Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen’ and explore its intriguing meaning and usage. Discover how this expression conveys a sense of futility and dismissal in a humorous manner.

Understanding the phrase ‘Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen’

Have you ever come across the German phrase ‘Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen’ and wondered what it means? This expression, literally translated as ‘You can bury yourself with that,’ is used to signify that something is so useless or pointless that it might as well be used in one’s own burial. Let’s delve deeper into the meaning and origin of this intriguing phrase.

Origin of the phrase

The phrase ‘Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen’ is rooted in German colloquial language, known for its vivid and expressive idioms. In this context, it conveys a sense of finality and futility, suggesting that the subject in question is utterly impractical or ineffective.

Interpretation and usage

When someone tells you ‘Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen,’ they are essentially saying that what you are suggesting or doing is so absurd or illogical that it would be better off discarded or forgotten entirely. It serves as a humorous way to dismiss an idea or proposal that is deemed unworthy of consideration.

Examples in everyday life

  • Imagine suggesting a completely unrealistic timeline for a project at work. Your colleague might respond by saying, ‘Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen,’ indicating that your idea is not feasible.
  • Similarly, if you propose a solution to a problem that is overly complicated and impractical, someone might use this phrase to convey their skepticism.

Case studies and statistics

While there are no specific case studies or statistics related to the usage of the phrase ‘Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen,’ its prevalence in German language and culture is evident. It reflects a tendency to employ colorful language to convey strong emotions and opinions.


Next time you hear someone utter ‘Damit kannst du dich begraben lassen,’ remember that it is not a literal request for burial but rather a playful way to highlight the absurdity or impracticality of a certain idea or suggestion. Embrace the rich linguistic tapestry of idioms like this one, and let them add a touch of humor and flair to your conversations.

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