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may be the second page associated with English alphabet See help guide to Pronunciation sectsect 196 220 It is etymologically pertaining to p v f w and m letters representing sounds having an in depth natural affinity to its own noise as with Eng bursar and purser Eng bear and Lat ferre Eng gold and Ger silber Lat cubitum plus it gomito Eng seven Anglo Saxon seofon Ger sieben Lat septem Grepta Sanskrit saptan the type of letter B is Roman from the Greek B Beta of Semitic beginning The small b ended up being formed by progressive change from the administrative centre B

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  • originally considered one supplement but now sectioned off into a number of B nutrients
  • a trivalent metalloid factor; takes place in both a tough black colored crystal plus in the form of a yellow or brown dust
  • a logarithmic device of sound intensity corresponding to 10 decibels
  • the second letter of Roman alphabet
  • (physics) a product of atomic cross section; the effective circular area that one particle provides to another as a target for an encounter
  • the blood group whoever purple cells carry the B antigen
  • aerobic rod-shaped spore-producing bacterium; often happening in chainlike formations; discovered mostly in earth

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the 2nd letter associated with the English alphabet : can be used to denote the next of a number of pages, records, etc.; the subsequent letters, the third and following numbers.

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  • flat [sign]

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A A and B B are concave mirrors having a common axis and their concavities facing each other.

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