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Dreaming of a building symbolizes your lifetime along with your inner self. Relating to famous dream experts Jung and Freud indicates the building is us and what's in and around gives us indications of what to watch out for.  Whichever is in the building will allow you to comprehend your internal self.  If you are towards the top of the building suggests that you're at total awareness in life.  If you are situated at the bottom represents your animistic habits. If you notice a building that is completely damaged, implies that your going across a matter in an incorrect style.  It

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  • Buses inside our hopes and dreams have more than one meaning based when your driving, neglect or get hit by a buss.  If you skip or log on to a the wrong bus, symbolizes you need to take over over your daily life.  You may want to remember to think things through.  If you are waiting around for a bus is a positive image as you are at a brand new stage in your life.   If you're regarding the coach along with other people, shows that you are a sheep going along in life with other people.  You want  to dominate to get your act together.  In the event that you got in hit by a bus, implies that later on you're going to be ashamed by a scenario.
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Name Origin: Vietnamese
Name Gender: Male

Sentence Examples with the word Bu

Here Mount Sidi Ali bu Musin reaches a height of 5700 ft., the highest point in Tunisia.

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