What does Bik mean?

Bik meaning in Dream Dictionary

Bikes in goals symbolizes our own personal drive and direction in life.  We usually desire bikes as soon as we are making an effort to develop a normal balance within our walking life.  If you're on a bike as well as its hanging around, donates you are responsible and planning result in the correct moves to reach your goal.  Just how would be the roadways? If you're having problems operating the cycle or fall-off, signifies you are held right back from a present endeavor.  In case your cycle is damaged or cant trip it, means you are feeling helpless.  If you're capable fix the bicycle means you'll be prepared lose to a higher action.  Should your come in a bike race and win, symbolizes that you'll turn out on the top with the competitors that you know. Birds

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  • As soon as we see searching wild birds its a representation of your survival skills.  When we see bird eggs, donates you will enter into some cash pretty soon.  If you see wild birds hatching signifies your work has brought a few measures back.