What does Bac mean?

Bac meaning in General Dictionary

A broad flat bottomed ferryboat typically worked by a line

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  • an easy, flatbottomed ferryboat, often worked by a rope.
  • A vat or cistern. See 1st Back.

Bac meaning in Names Dictionary

Name Origin: Scottish
Name Gender: Male

Bac - French to English

veggie compartment [Br.] [in refrigerator]

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  • recycling bin
  • crisper [in a refrigerator]
  • ferry
  • bathtub
  • (little) ferry

Bac meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) An extensive, flatbottomed ferryboat, generally worked by a rope.

Sentence Examples with the word Bac

If AB, AC represent infinitesimal rotations about intersecting axes, the consequent displacement of any point 0 in the plane BAC will be at right angles to this plane, and will be represented by twice the sum of the areas OAB, OAC, taken with proper signs.

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