What does Al mean?

Al meaning in General Dictionary

All wholly completely as almighty virtually

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  • Although if
  • the chemical image for aluminum
  • All
  • a silvery ductile metallic factor discovered mostly in bauxite
  • a state when you look at the southeastern usa regarding gulf; one of several Confederate says throughout the United states Civil War
  • All.
  • Although; if.

Al meaning in Names Dictionary

Form of Albert. Noble, brilliant.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Male

Al meaning in Law Dictionary

L. Fr. On; towards the. Allaire; in the bar. Al huis d'csglise; within church- door.

Al meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) All.

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  • (conj.) Although; if.

Sentence Examples with the word Al

Bertolini, Storia d'Italia dal 1814 al 1878.

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