What does African mean?

African meaning in General Dictionary

an indigenous of Africa also one ethnologically belonging to an African competition

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  • Of or regarding Africa
  • of or relating to the nations of Africa or their particular peoples
  • a native or inhabitant of Africa
  • Of or related to Africa.
  • A native of Africa; in addition one ethnologically belonging to an African race.

African meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English Africanas (plural), from Latin Africanus (adj.), from Africa (see Africa). Utilized of white residents of Africa from 1815. Pre-owned of black colored residents for the U.S. from belated 18c., with regards to particularly required "one brought from Africa" and often was compared to native-born Negro. As an adjective by 1560s, "pertaining to Africa or Africans" (Old English had Africanisc); from 1789 as "of or related to black colored Us americans."

African meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Of or pertaining to Africa.

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  • (letter.) A native of Africa; also one ethnologically owned by an race.

Sentence Examples with the word African

The agitation with reference to African slavery threw the bulk of the Southern Presbyterians on the Old Side, which was further strengthened by the accession of the Associate Reformed.

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