What does Africa mean?

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Name Origin: Celtic
Name Gender: Female

Africa meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Latin Africa (terra) "African land, Libya, the Carthaginian area," fem. of adjective Africus, from Afer "an African," a word of uncertain beginning. The Latin term originally was utilized just in reference to the region around modern-day Tunisia; it gradually had been extended towards entire continent. Derivation from Arabic afar "dust, earth" is attractive, however the early day appears to argue against it. The Middle English term ended up being Affrike.

Africa meaning in General Dictionary

the next largest continent; located south of European countries and bordered towards the west-by the Southern Atlantic and also to the eastern because of the Indian Ocean

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Africa [Roman province]

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This theory of disease disappeared sooner than did the belief in possession; the energumens (EVEp-yoiwEvoc) of the early Christian church, who were under the care of a special clerical order of exorcists, testify to a belief in possession; but the demon theory of disease receives no recognition; the energumens find their analogues in the converts of missionaries in China, Africa and elsewhere.

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