What does Ab mean?

Ab meaning in General Dictionary

The fifth thirty days of the Jewish 12 months in accordance with the ecclesiastical reckoning the eleventh by the civil calculation coinciding nearly with August

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  • A prefix in many words of Latin origin It signifies from away separating or deviation as in abduct abstract abscond See A 6
  • the eleventh month of this civil 12 months; the 5th month of this ecclesiastical year when you look at the Jewish calendar (in July and August)
  • a bachelor's degree in arts and sciences
  • the muscle tissue associated with the abdomen
  • the blood team whose red cells carry both the A and B antigens
  • The 5th thirty days for the Jewish year based on the ecclesiastical reckoning, the eleventh because of the civil calculation, coinciding nearly with August.

Ab meaning in Dream Dictionary

To see an abdomen within fantasy presents your instinct feeling on a predicament.  It is a interesting fantasy sign since it represents your intuitive man instincts within walking life.  There clearly was somebody or something like that you cant apparently stomach.  Who had been within dream? Had been it your stomach or somebody else?  This can help you recognize an interior issue the individual within dream or yourself.

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  • in the event that you notice that the stomach is open implies that you could be letting way too much information head out about you.  Only at that offered time you might be feeling susceptible.
  • To feel or observe anything unusual even in a dream suggest that you can expect to over come a problem that has been bothering you for quite some time.  Its likely that somebody may have recently registered your lifetime therefore don
  • To see anyone that is Aborigine or from a local tribe represents the religious side people.  You could relate genuinely to this personality and need more inner peace.  Perhaps you are also a part of your self and should return down to earth.
  • whenever we desire becoming abroad means that there is certainly problem that you know that the not tackling.  You will be escaping your jobs.  Its very possible that you might feel to go and getting away from your daily life.  You'll feel a bit stressed from time to time. If you are trapped in the same thing time in and outing you may dream about becoming abroad.  You may want to leave regarding the daily routine your stuck in.

Ab - German to English

from ... on

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  • from ... onwards
  • away
  • ex
  • from
  • off
  • as from
  • as of
  • beginning

Ab meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The 5th thirty days of the Jewish year in accordance with the ecclesiastical reckoning, the eleventh because of the civil calculation, coinciding almost with August.

Sentence Examples with the word Ab

Let the curve represent an elliptic orbit, AB being the major axis, DE the minor axis, and F the focus in which the centre of attraction is situated, which centre we shall call the sun.

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