What does -s mean?

-s meaning in Etymology Dictionary

suffix forming practically all modern-day English plural nouns, gradually extended in center English from Old English -as, the nominative plural and accusative plural ending of particular "powerful" masculine nouns (like d

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  • third person single present indicative suffix of verbs, it presents Old English -es, -as, which begun to replace -e

-s meaning in General Dictionary

The suffix regularly develop the plural on most words; like in roadways, elfs, edges, accounts.

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  • The suffix regularly form the next person singular indicative of English verbs; such as falls, informs, sends.
  • An adverbial suffix; as with toward, needs, constantly, -- originally the genitive, possesive, ending. See -'s.

Sentence Examples with the word -s

There is no dividing line between first-contact ethnology and -s y g gY gy Th J o pre-contact archaeology.

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