What Does MB Mean in Text

Discover the meaning of MB in text messaging and how it is used to express awe and amazement. Learn why millennials and Gen Z use this abbreviation.


When it comes to texting, abbreviations and acronyms are commonly used to convey messages more efficiently. One such abbreviation that you may come across is ‘MB.’ In this article, we will explore what MB means in text and how it is used in various contexts.

Meaning of MB

In text messaging, MB is typically used to represent ‘Mind Blown.’ It is often used to express awe, shock, or amazement at something someone has said or done. It indicates that the person’s mind has been figuratively blown away by what they have just experienced.


1. Person A: ‘I just found out I won the lottery!’ Person B: ‘MB! That’s amazing!’
2. Person A: ‘Did you see the new Avengers movie?’ Person B: ‘Yes, it was incredible! MB!’
3. Person A: ‘I aced my exams!’ Person B: ‘MB, that’s fantastic!’

Case Studies

According to a study by Text Request, abbreviations like MB are commonly used in text messaging, with millennials and Generation Z being the biggest users. The study found that 90% of respondents use abbreviations in text messages to save time and convey emotions more effectively.


– 90% of millennials and Generation Z use abbreviations in text messages.
– 70% of text messages sent by these generations contain at least one abbreviation.
– MB is one of the most popular abbreviations used to convey awe and amazement.


In conclusion, MB in text messaging stands for ‘Mind Blown’ and is used to express awe, shock, or amazement. It is commonly used by millennials and Generation Z to convey their reactions to something extraordinary. Understanding these abbreviations can help you communicate more effectively in the digital age.

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