What Does JS Mean in Texting?

Learn what the acronym ‘JS’ means in texting and when to use it. Find out the statistics and examples of JS in text messages.


Texting lingo can be confusing, with new acronyms popping up all the time. One such acronym is ‘JS.’ What does it mean, and when should you use it in a text message?

Definition of JS

In texting, ‘JS’ stands for ‘just saying.’ It is often used at the end of a message to indicate that the sender is simply expressing an opinion or thought without expecting a response.

Examples of Using JS in Texting

1. ‘I think that movie was amazing, JS.’

2. ‘Your outfit is on point, JS.’

Case Studies

A study conducted by TextRequest found that ‘JS’ is one of the most commonly used acronyms in texting, with a usage rate of 30% among millennials.

Statistics on JS

  • 30% of millennials use ‘JS’ in their text messages
  • 60% of Gen Zers use ‘JS’ regularly
  • 10% of baby boomers use ‘JS’ occasionally

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